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Since 1993, Empire Dental Lab has served the needs of dental practices through out the Claremont, Ca. area as well as the Inland Empire. We are grateful to all of our existing customers for the years of trusting our services. We invite new customers to experience the same.

Why Empire Dental Lab?

Our technicians have many years of experience with Removables and Fixed products.

We pride ourselves in delivering the Best in Quality and the Utmost in Service. 

We stay up-to-date with our research and training in the newest equipment and product development.

Empire Dental Lab wants to be your dental lab choice.

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Dentures: Same Day Repair

New Dentures in 24 Hours
About Us


Crowns / Bridges


Designed and milled on the most advanced dental CAD/CAM systems available.

All of our cases are fabricated in-house, by hand or through digital design and milling. 



Full and Partial Dentures are available.

Here at Empire Dental Lab we utilize the industry's leading High Impact acrylic denture base. Lucitone 199 is the premium choice for both tissue, implant supported full and partial dentures.

       Quality Assurance

Our progressive quality control system puts every restoration under the microscope twice before we determine if it meets our standards and your desired results. Each station features a quality bench so that our technicians guarantee it meets the specifications of the order.  Our lead technician personally inspects every restoration before it ships in a final quality control checkpoint.

Same Day Repairs
Yes, Same Day Repairs are available 
  • Denture Repair

  • Partial Repair

  • Clean & Polish



We offer same-day denture repair services. We know your patients can’t be without their dentures for extended periods of time. With highly trained removable technicians, you receive speed without having to sacrifice quality. We offer repair, hard reline and one-tooth stay plates as part of our same-day service.

All repair reline services must be in our lab by 10 a.m. and can be picked-up or delivered by 4:30 p.m.

Other Services

Our Services
Our Dentists


When I was little my teeth were very soft and would not hold fillings and would chip.  In my twenties I got my first set of dentures. I am now 80 years old and I was recommended to Dr. Rivera and Empire Dental Lab. I am so happy with Dr. Rivera and Empire Dental Lab. My teeth are so beautiful and you cannot telll that I have dentures. The lab and the doctor made sure they look wonderful and the color is perfect. 

Leona T . - Dec, 2021

I have been waiting to see a dentist for sometime but had the fear of what they would say due to my diabetes. When I found Dr. Rivera I had faith after speaking to him that he could do the dental work and give me what I needed. I left his office relaxed and with a full new set of top and bottom dentures. Dr. Rivera's dental and lab team were very friendly and knowledgeable and I knew i was in great hands.

Paul C. -  2021

Best in my life experience! Dr. Rivera is the most prompt, precise, professional dentist and a loving , caring, human being. He is a true perfectionist who has a passion for dentistry. The office and Empire Dental Lab staff is equally amazing.

Richard H. - 2021

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Our Address

450 San Jose Ave.

Claremont, CA 91711

Phone: 909-626-2892


Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


We are an onsite dental lab, and located in the offices of Daniel A. Rivera, DDS. Visit the Dental office as well as we are accepting new patients.
Dental Office: 909.626.1292
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